“Outstanding Staff”
“From the time I walk in the door until the time I leave, I feel that I am the only person that’s being treated at Total Health. The therapy is wonderful and I must say the staff is outstanding!”

JoAnne H.

“My back has felt better than it has in a long time. I’m actually getting a little braver trying to do things I wasn’t able to do before like water skiing, playing gulf, playing basketball, and baseball. It’s been wonderful.”

Jimmy F.

“Move Better”
“I can say by the second or third treatment I could tell a difference. I was sleeping a little better, I could move better, and my back wasn’t as tense.”

Sheila F.

“Sleeping Again”
“After my first treatment, I was able to sleep the entire night without pain. When I would turn from my back to my side, right or left, it would normally wake me up from pain. I now move to any position and have very little discomfort.”

Fred R.

“More Mobility”
“Because I have more Range of Motion and less physical discomfort, I would definitely recommend this procedure. I have had less pain and I am feeling much better. My degree of pain has been reduced and I am able to do things that I could not do before, such as dress while standing. I was most uncomfortable upon rising in the morning, getting out of bed was a multi-step procedure. I can now get up and walk steps immediately.”

Jeff S.

“More Energy”
“My neck and back pain has been reduced to almost nothing. I can walk, I sleep better, and I can get up and down without pain. I feel that I have more energy since I am pain free. I can do more, I can work longer and I now enjoy doing gardening and fishing.”

Daniel M.

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